Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why would UT-Dallas want Laredo kids' SS #s? Well, we can speculate

I'm sorry Glen, but you don't have a patent on conspiracy theories

Considering that this entire case is short of facts, this situation will probably set off quite a bit of speculation. As long as that's the case, I might as well put in my two cents worth. As a note of precaution, please do not try this at home. We are about to enter the Glen Beck level of speculation.

Here's what we know. UT-Dallas requested students' social security numbers from LISD. Then, LISD developed a form which they sent to TEA asking if was OK to release such information. Someone at TEA signed the form, LISD then proceeded to send the infamous diskette to TEA in Austin. Later, UT-Dallas contacted TEA to see when they were going to forward the disk. TEA was unable to locate the information even though records show that someone signed for the package containing the diskette. Whew, OK this is where I put on my speculating cap.

I'll teach Glen Beck a thing or two about coming up with some zany conspiracy theories yet. I offer for your consideration. What if this entire thing is nothing more than a scam? The request comes from UT-Dallas center for education research. This is legit since they admit they requested the info, however TEA says they never OK'd it. So.......someone who knew of the request and stands to gain something from such information finds a way to become the middle man in all of this. Going so far as to contact LISD and providing them with a fake p.o. box in Austin. After deceiving & approving LISD to release and mail the diskette to the fake p.o. box number, the villain awaits the delivery and signs for it, therefore completing the heist.

Ok, now the motive. The villain is from Dallas, a republican corporate hotbed. He is aware of the kind of information that is being requested from Laredo. He correctly figures out that the vast majority of the students' names will be Hispanic. Afterall, Laredo is about 96 per cent Hispanic. Getting his hands on nearly 25,000 valid social security numbers might help the culprit and his financial backers. Alas, he has found a way of allowing his rich friends in Texas agriculture to hire and exploit illegal immigrants by assigning to them the stolen, but valid, social security numbers of the Laredo kids. In essence, they have solved the problem of finding enough field laborers to provide cheap labor for their fruit and vegetable harvests. Voila!

Nope, I haven't been drinking anything. It's just that it's sometimes irresistable to go off speculating in a stream of consciousness manner. This is especially true when the established media outlets can't or won't do their job in finding the real answers.


  1. I say it was liberal potheads in Austin who needed new SS#'s for fake ID's and new Credit Cards.

  2. Could be, hey speculation is non-partisan.