Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just who are these misters? and why do they need to cool you down?

The 2011 Laredo Convention & Visitor's guide is the gift that keeps on giving.  On a couple of occasions, I've taken to reading an article or two of the 68-page production. Lo and behold, there's always something that catches my attention. Usually, it's something that I have to read twice to get exactly what they're trying to say. I find myself thinking "come estuvo esa?"/ "how was that?". It usually takes a second, slower reading to get the gist of the intended communication. Let me illustrate. In the following paragraph, I was reading along and then I had to backtrack and read it again slowly.

In your visit to downtown Laredo, begin your leisure leisurely stroll at the intersection of Convent at and Iturbide, where you'll see the bustling of shoppers, pedestrians on their daily duties and the signs of the cumulative improvements to restore our downtown. From the quaint light posts and street pavers to the covered benches and misters to cool you down any Summer afternoon, these are just some of the projects initiated by Laredo Main Street (LMS).
Naturally, there were some minor imperfections as I nitpick point out above. It was when I got down to the part where it reads: "misters to cool you down on any summer afternoon" that I became a bit confused.  Being the dummy that I am, I failed to instantly realize that "misters" was referring to the misting machines and not to some improperly acting males. Remember, the audience for this guide includes out of town people who might not know that the city installed these "misters". So I just thought I'd clear that up. We sure don't need any more negative connotations being associated with the Gateway City. You got me mister?


  1. There are a lot of unsavory Mr.'s in downtown Laredo who wouldn't mind spraying folks with something. Be wary, though.

  2. Ha/Ja! Ya, no me pueden criticar por ser criticona.

    I don't know why they bothered to include the misters if they are NEVER ON!!