Thursday, March 10, 2011

Perry passes buck to local school districts

Just make 'em cuts and let us git on down the road
It looks like ol' Rick Perry isn't a follower of "the buck stops here" philosophy. In a recent press conference, Perry sought to distance himself and his fellow GOPers from having any responsibility whatsoever for the pending likely layoff of thousands of Texas teachers. Completely ignoring a cause and effect relationship, Perry instead shifted the blame to the local school districts. His reasoning is that he, personally, isn't going to layoff a single teacher. What in tarnations has he been drinking? Tea you reckon?  That's the kind of Governor we've had for the last 9 years.  Here's some of what he said:

From the San Antonio Express News

During a press conference where Governor Rick Perry announced his continued support for legislation that endorses the 10th Amendment and blasted what he described as an overly intrusive federal government; he also refused to take responsibility for tens-of-thousands of teacher layoffs, which will occur if proposed budget cuts to public education are implemented.

“The state of Texas is not who employs the members of the school district. The lieutenant governor, the speaker, their colleagues aren’t going to hire or fire one teacher, best I can tell,” Perry said. “That is a local decision to be made at the local districts.”

Perry contended, “Over the course of the last decade, we have seen a rather extraordinary amount of non-classroom employees added to school rolls … I think the non-teaching corps would be the first place that I would look if there were going to be reductions that were made.”

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