Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cheater, Cheater......


A recent study by George Watson & James Sottile at Marshall University compares the prevalence of college students' cheating  in face-to-face classes versus online courses. The findings are presented below. Sadly, regardless of the learning system being used, there's strong evidence that cheating is definitely very much in vogue. Incidentally, the study found that females tend to be more ethical in their approach to learning while males, especially those involved in sports, engage in cheating to a substantially higher extent.

Students Self-Reporting Dishonest Behaviors for Live and Online Courses.

Survey Statement
Live classes Percentage
Online classes Percentage
I have cheated on an assignment, quiz, or a test.
32.1% (185)
32.7% (130)
I have been caught cheating.
4.9% (28)
2.1% (8)
I have submitted others’ work as my own.
6.5% (37)
4.4% (17)
I have had someone give me answers during a class quiz or test.
18.1% (104)
23.3% (91)
I have received answers to a quiz or test from someone who has already taken it.
33.2% (193)
20.3% (78)
I have used instant messaging through a cell phone or handheld device during a quiz or exam.
3.0% (17)
4.2% (16)
I have copied another student’s work without their permission and submitted it as my own.
4.2% (24)
1.8%  (7)
I have knowingly copied passages from an article or book directly into a paper without citing it as someone else’s work.
13.2%  (75)
 5.0% (19)
I have used a term paper writing service to complete an assignment.
5.3% (30)
2.1% (8)

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