Monday, March 7, 2011

Otra Vez?? (Again??)

"Of course we're on the taxpayer's dime, why do you think we're here again?"

They're at it again. Laredo's so-called leaders are returning to Washington with the pretext of lobbying on behalf of our interests. Well, as a taxpayer, I say that they should stay home for a change and save us some money.  The Mayor and the other "officials" going always try to justify these junkets but I'm pretty sure that most Laredoans are completely against it. It would be refreshing if the Mayor and his posse invested their energies (and our money) towards more productive, problem-solving pursuits here at home. Spin as they may, these wobbly trompos are not pulling the wool over anybody's eyes.

How can Laredo insist that it's a proud city if it's leaders are always up in Washington or Austin practically begging for money. Let's not forget that not long ago trips to Washington and Austin yielded absolutely nothing for our travel-happy politicos. It wasn't until Richard Raymond intervened, that fundingfor the cuatro vientos road project was secured. Isn't that what our state representative is for? That experience should have been enough to convince anybody that these trips are purely symbolic and devoid of any real substance. Then again, I guess learning from one's past mistakes is not on the Mayor's nor the city council's agenda.

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