Thursday, March 3, 2011

Language: After a long storied history, word devolves into buzzword- Winning!!

After finding myself using it a couple of times, I realzied that despite it's long and proud history, Charlie Sheen has managed to turn the word "winning" into the butt of many jokes and paradies; Loser! Even President Obama's use of the word in his optimistic slogan "Winning the future" has drawn little response in comparison. Carlos Santana's song "I'm winning" was somewhat of a hit but had nowhere near the viral tenacity that Goodtime Charlie has bestowed upon the word through his eccentric use of it. Although the legendary Vince Lombardi's "winning isn't everything, it's the only thing" resounds even to this day, it is known primarily among dedicated football fans.

So, it's apparent that Charlie Sheen has crossed over not only into the realm of psychological intrigue but that of etymological analysis as well. Just this morning, he blasted any questions of being bi-polar and insisted instead that he is, you guessed it, "bi-winning"!


  1. So... this is not a "winning" blog post??

  2. This video is the most time I've dedicated to Charlie's personal life. My take is: maybe he's just an asshole. A royal, major league, goes-up-to-11 type of asshole.