Monday, March 21, 2011

Laredo City council meets Monday, did they accomplish anything up in Austin?

It's been nearly a month since the last Laredo city council meeting. In the interim, a bevy of local officials and representatives visited our nation's capitol at our expense. Will they at least have the common respect and decency to give the public a summary of their accomplishments in Washington? It would also be nice to hear just how much they spent. I don't expect that anyone will rise to the occasion. From the Mayor on down, I'm pretty sure that everyone will be happy to just shift the focus to new business instead.

If some Laredoan should happen to decide to ask questions during the public forum, I think these are some of the questions that should be asked:

 1) How much did the entire party spend while up at Washington?

 2) was the spending all out of the taxpayer's money or did some private sector money help fund the trip?

3) The media said one accomplishment was securing funding for 22 more police officers. Was this not already a done deal even before the trip?

4)Why is it all of a sudden so crucial to make all these trips to Washington and Austin when they never were before?

I'm sure that there's many more questions that we would like to have answered. We each got three minutes at the mic to do so. It'd be nice if a group go show up for Monday's 5:30pm meeting.

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