Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Caller Times reports on book by Buck's Glenn Hart, takes swipe at Laredo


It seems that people do notice things about Laredo. Unfortunately, it's usually the negative things. One recent example is a swipe taken by Greg Rajan, who covers the Corpus Christi Ice Rays for the Caller times. After praising the book The Lone Star Skate cowritten by Glenn Hart, owner of the Laredo Bucks and Rusty Burson, Rajan couldn't resist the all too familiar jab at the Gateway City.  Rajan writes :
Of course, it's richly ironic that the Bucks' owner wrote a book when it's been well-chronicled that there isn't a bookstore in Laredo. Hopefully, copies of The Lone Star Skate will be sold at the LEA, because it's a book Texas hockey fans will want to check out.
Besides not liking Laredo, Rajan apparently doesn't like to deal with the facts either. Laredo might have been without a bookstore for a while but for at least the last couple of months, Laredo Books and More has stepped up to make sure that Laredo, once again, does have a book store. Speaking of stepping up, we at Laredotejas urge you to step up to the 2nd floor of our main library and check out Books and More for yourself. Happy reading.

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