Saturday, March 12, 2011

All Quiet on the Webb-ster Front

Are things over at Webb really as smooth as the Judge's hair they seem?

For at least a couple of weeks, things have been relatively quiet over at Webb County. No mention has been made lately of the FBI's latest findings, if any. I'm guessing that their investigation is still ongoing although neither Pro8news nor the Laredo Morning Times have followed up on any of it. It's part of their "hot today, gone tomorrow" model of reporting. One day they can't seem to get enough of a story, a week later, collective amnesia sets in.

It would refreshing to see an update on these types of stories after they fall off the front page. It would let the readers know that we didn't just imagine all these fiascos at the commisioners' court. It would also serve to keep county officials honest. After all, it's rather unlikely that things at Webb county are suddenly as smoothed over as the County Judge's hair.

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