Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Las Dos Gildas

Gilda Claudine Karasik

As usual, I'm guessing I'm probably the last one finding out about another Laredo-related site. In particiluar, I'm referring to Las Dos Gildas. For those who many not know, this is a Laredo mother & daughter team who have a love for cooking and for their culture. Ms. Gilda Claudine Karasik,the daughter, is also a contributor to BlogHer.Com.  In yesterday's post, Gilda reflected on her ailing Grandmother and their relationship, of which cooking has always been a part. Today, Ms. Karasik, who is also a lawyer and freelance writer, honors Laredo's La Mexicana Restaurant which her aunt Berta has owned for 45 years.

From Blog.Her.com By Gilda Claudine

La Mexicana

Inside a kitchen
not far from the Rio Grande
a 94 year-old-woman stands
but once a week now, her bones too old for more.

A starched smock aids her appearance.
The round comal at her waist is half as old.
She plunges flautas one-by-one into oil that spits and sizzles
and then swipes her hair from her face,
both gestures grooved in time.

The singular dining room
is brick and mortar and windows
The same sun shining through,
the place just as it ever was.
The clamor of patronage
set to the rhythms of swinging
in-and-out doors.
Servers in uniform taking mental notes,
an occasional approbation in the hint of a smile.

Ordinary napkins flat or crumpled
on laps, in hands, moving across a face.
Melamine plates like plastic moons,
merely a part of the perfunctory mood.
And the sense that everything special
is in the kitchen with the old woman,
who is measuring ingredients intuitively and seasoning the fare with memories
until she is young again.


  1. You are not the last person to know, I am :). Do you have a link or are we going to have to google it? Sounds interesting!

  2. See how much I know? Aqui esta el link.


  3. Dear Maximiliano,

    Thank you for the compliment of mentioning www.dosgildas.com in your blog. Just to clarify, Dos Gildas is a madrina/ahijada team (not mother/daughter).

    Please feel free to get in touch with me by email (gildack@dosgildas.com).

    Mil gracias.

  4. Thanks for reading, posting and for being nice enough to clarify your relationship;mother-in-law, dauther-in-law. I got it. I appreciate your participation in our blog. Gracias

  5. Thank you for your email yesterday. I'm wondering if you received my reply. In any case, I'm really happy to be connected to you and some of the other Laredo blogs!

    I'll be reading your blog...gck