Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What do you mean new Roma bridge will be gateway to Mexico??

Is Roma next to eat Laredo's lunch?

I thought Laredo had the market cornered on being the Nafta Highway and the gateway to/from Mexico. We've all heard the Laredo city council and staff state their complacent position that Laredo has a strategic geographic location and does not have to fear McAllen or any other city in the Valley taking over as the preferred port.

Well, Roma, Texas is in the process of building a new bridge that will connect it with it's Mexican sister city of Ciudad Mier. It will be primarily for industrial use (trade) and according to valley officials, it offers the best connection between Monterrey and Houston. So who is right? Will it now be Roma who will be eating our lunch?

Excerpted from the McAllen Monitor
The Roma-Mier bridge’s future location, which officials have narrowed down to five places about four or five miles west of the Roma-Miguel Alem├ín bridge, will serve well as a gateway between the U.S. and Mexico for industry.

“The bridge will have a great opportunity cost,” Leal said in Spanish. “On the Mexican side it is the shortest way to Monterrey, which is the most important door to our industry, and in the United States it is the shortest way to your ports San Antonio and Houston.”

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