Thursday, March 3, 2011

Name the pride ?

Name the pride?  Ok,  I'm guessing it's a pride of Lions- what do I win?

As best as I can understand it, the new city-wide slogan contest is one in which are supposed to name the pride.  Does this mean we only have one "pride" we can choose for Laredo?  What if I come up with two things I'm proud about and they're both excellent ideas, does only one of them stand a chance of getting selected as the best pride? Something tells me that this idea was put together rather hastily. Surely, a calm, reflective and engaged process would have come up with something better.

Nonetheless, the slogan contest is up and running so I might as well put in my two cents worth. My first idea is to increase the popularity of the contest itself by having the LCVB come up with some T-shirts for their employees emblazoned with the city's logo and in larger print the words 'What's Your Pride?" It's good to know that however ridiculous this idea may seem, it's just as good (or bad) as the contest itself. Who knows, maybe it will catch on the following will be a frequent scenario on the streets of Laredo.

For the following illustration, Citizen one (male) = C1, Citizen two (female) = C2 :

C1 :  Excuse me
C2:  (stops momentarily) Yes?
C1:  (hesitating) Uh...yes, I wanted to ask you something.
C2:  (starts walking away) I'm sorry, I don't have any change on me.
C1:  (following her) No, no, it's not that, It's just that I was wondering......
C1:  (Stops-In a firm voice) I'm sorry, I have to get going- have a good day. (hurriedly gets in her car)
C2:  (outside car window) Wait! This is important! I gotta know.... what's Your Pride? I need some ideas!!
C1:  (raising window, driving away) Stop gibbering and leave me alone!
C2:  (Falls to his knees, sobbing) ....I could've been someone............... I could've been a contestant!!


  1. Later, after being dragged several blocks and suffering a broken leg, he tells the emergency room doctor, 'all I wanted was to know what her pride was.' The horror!!!

  2. The scene would probably include some music from the Doors. Maybe Martin Sheen could play the guy........Winning!

  3. A excuse me I'm the winner of the name the pride in Laredo contest and it's sorde Of mean that u don't like my drawing