Monday, March 21, 2011

The fable of the fly who thought he was riding the wagon

As the Laredo city council returns to inaction action tonight, one has to wonder if they will continue to emulate the fly who thought a little bit much of himself. It certainly seems that the Mayor, staff and council feel very comfortable with delusions of grandeur, which is manifested by thoughts of being more powerful and influential than they really are.

The Fly and the Wagon 
A farm wagon rumbled down a dirt road, stirring up clouds of dust. A fly that was sitting on the back of the wagon said, "My, my! We're rising a lot of dust aren't we?"

Sounds familiar? 

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  1. Interesting that mayor & comPany always say the go to Austin/DC to bring back grant money. These b@stards never saw a grant application? It calls for pages of data and multiple year plans, never for a visit to get funding. Liars, all liars.