Saturday, June 2, 2012

Laredo News sources multiply: KLNT, Fox 16

After KVTV abandoned its 6pm and 10pm newscasts, Laredo was left with only the "coverage you cant count on", Pro8news.  Now, seemingly overnight, Laredo is much more better informed thanks to KLNT, 1490 AM radio and Fox 16's 9 PM news.

Upon catching my first glimpse of Fox's 9pm news, I thought it was being broadcast out of the Valley or even out of San Antonio. The presentation was very well-done and the graphics and color excellent. I thought: maybe Laredo feeds the news to some outfit out of town and they do a show and broadcast it back. Well, soon afterwards, I realized that at the very beginning of the newscast, the voice-over clearly states "Live from Laredo, Texas".  By the time 10 PM comes along, KGNS's "news" is not really news anymore.  Also, Fox has a lot more local news than KGNS ever has had. I've heard many people refer to KGNS's news as the 3-minute news.  After about 3 minutes, it's all re-hashed.

KLNT's Richard Noriega and Al Guevara do an excellent job of covering news at the local level. Yes, they do cover state and national news, but the bulk of their reporting has to do with Laredo's news and issues. They have already had several "round-table" discussions with many community organizations. They have definitely given Laredo a much better informed listener. They have also improved the sense of community in our town.

Congratulations to both KLNT and Fox 16 news.

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