Friday, June 15, 2012

Fox's Bi-polar presentation of immigration news

Media Matters for America reporting today on two very distinct ways in which Fox's website(s) are handling today's news that Obama administration will stop deporting law-abiding immigrants who were brought to this country by their parents when they (the kids) were under 16 years of age.

On Fox News Latino, the news is reported as follows. Note that Fox News Latino is meant to include Latinos in Fox's internet audience.

Fox News Latino - Fair & Balanced

Obama Administration Halts Deportations for Young Immigrants

On the other hand, the often-racist Fox Nation reports the exact same story from the Associated Press but in a way that is certain to play better with their mostly-anti-immigration base:

The FOX Nation
Obama Administration Bypasses Congress, to Give Immunity, Stop Deporting Younger Illegals

Bunch of hypocrites, I reckon


  1. Pay more taxes so that you may pay for free benefits for the children of illegal aliens. You want your son/daughter to go to college? Forget it...this amnesty program will make sure the undocumented children get a space reserved in higher education even before your child does. How is that for "fairness"?

  2. Sounds about as fair as Fox is balanced. Nice talking points.

  3. We should send Mexico the bill for this program. They lied to the parents. The Mexican government said, "Go ahead, go to El Norte, send back money to your relatives in Mexico....the U.S. will do nothing."

    Then when mom and dad lied to their kids and said, sure son daughter, you are Americans....they should be held liable also.

    But now, the President, who said just last year that he, himself, could do nothing about implementing the Dream Act, now does implement the Dream Act.

    I would think you Hispanics would see this for what it is, pure political pandering to get your vote, for nothing. Yes, read the details, the President will allow a 2 year amnesty.....that's it.

    Remember, the Democrats stopped the immigration reform that the Republicans proposed when President Bush was in office. Go figure. They wanted to keep the issue alive, so at some time, like now when the President is in serious trouble, they could trot out some phony proposition to make the Hispanics vote for them.

    A shallow move at best.