Monday, June 11, 2012

City keeps racking up sports venue debt

It started with a nearly $40 Million dollar arena-which stands mostly unused. Then, our brainiac seedy council decided to add an $18 Million dollar baseball park -which is now turning out to be a $23 Million dollar park. Now, for a mere $100,000 added to the sports venue tax debt, the city's financial committee will consider authorizing the purchase of a portable basketball court for the Laredo Energy Arena.

This is the brainchild of cm. Rangel. After realizing that there was standing room only for an Alexander High School state playoff game locally, the district 2 councilman decided that we need a basketball court to replace the now-gone ice rink.

Incidentally the operations committee is made up of: councilmen Mike Garza, Alejandro Perez, Juan Narvez and Charlie San Miguel.

Here' the agenda item discussed above:

Agenda 16. Consideration to authorize the purchase of a portable basketball floor system for the Laredo Energy Arena (LEA) from NAH Inc., Houston, Texas, in the amount of $98,350.00 utilizing BuyBoard Cooperative Purchasing Contract pricing. Funding for this purchase is available in the Sports Venue Fund.
The committee meets tomorrow, Tuesday, June 12th at the very convenient hour of hi-noon at the city council chambers downtown.


  1. Seedy Council is to nice a term. It's time we rename the city to the INJustice League or Manos de Caca.

  2. I've also heard them call "manitas de estomago" cuz what they touch turns to SH**! Pardon-vous mon Francais.