Monday, June 18, 2012

VIDA comes back to vida

Laredo's only daily newspaper, LMT, today reported on the latest incarnation of watchdog group VIDA : Voices in Democratic Action.  This organization is not to be confused with the BOLAS sanctioned BIDA: Blogs in Democratic Activism.

The MIBs at BOLAS' undisclosed headquarters describe BIDA as a loose federation of mostly Laredo-based blogs that continually point out many facts about the Gateway City, including its politicos and their many, many shortcomings.

As far as VIDA goes, According to Laredo Morning Times, they will be making their first public appearance in a long time at this afternoon's city seedy council meeting. It should be interesting how the constitutional awareness-challenged mayor and council will welcome the group.

The mayor himself, coming fresh off another whirlwind tour, might be handling the gavel after being absent for the last couple of meetings. If this is the case, will he resort to his "removing Laredos from the airport" version, or, will he reluctantly recognize Laredoans first amendment rights to free speech and petitioning their government for redress of grievances?

The meeting should broadcast tonight startin at 5:30 on Public Access Channel 13.

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