Friday, June 29, 2012

McAllen still eating Laredo's gas-prices lunch

I don't know if gas prices will start to shoot upwards as I posted earlier today. This was due to the fact that the price of oil surged on Wall Street.

In the meantime, our neighbors in the Valley are still enjoying substantially lower gas prices. In checking out, I noticed the following prices as of Friday Night, June 29th.

Sam's club on 7600  North 10th street                                      $2.77

Valero on 7144       North 23rd street                                       $2.79

HEB     on 900         South 10th street                                       $2.82

Closer to home, the same website shows Laredo's prices more than 25cents higher than those in McAllen.  Here's a sample.

Sam's Club       San Bernardo & Calton                                 $2.98

Murphy's         Walmart-Clark & Spur 20                              $3.04

HEB                 Saunders                                                         $3.05

I guess it's time for Richard Noriega and AL Guevara to again shine the spotlight on the continuing discrepancy in gas prices.  Is anyone surprised McAllen's keeps find ways to eat our lunch?


  1. $2.93 at the HEB in Lytle, Texas(20 miles south of San Antonio).

  2. I tell you, Laredo always gets the "we'll treat you however we want to treat you cuz no one cares about what any of you think" treatment.

    Same at Wal-Mart and all the nation chain stores/restaurants. I bet you the San Antonio Wal Marts don't have lines that are 15-20 deep, waiting to check out their purchases.

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