Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tax payer funded advertising for Canales?

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I couldn't get a picture of it, but tonight on Pro8News, they had a piece on a Webb county free summer camp for kids. Apparently, it's being sponsored by Pct. 4 commissioner Jaime Canales. I could not miss this fact because of the towering letters prominently displaying Canales' name.

On top, in relatively small letters it reads "Webb county", followed by a much much larger font announcing "Jaime Canales". Well, here's a not-too-reasonable fascimile.

Webb County Summer Camp
Jaime Canales

Now, if commissioner Canales is paying for the camp out of his own pocket, then my apologies and he certainly has a right to display his name as prominently as he wants to.  But......if it's taxpayers' money paying for the camp and its advertisements, then commissioner Canales should have known better.

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