Monday, June 18, 2012

Self-centerdness: On watching the seedy council

Ulterior motives line almost every face in the place:the mayor, the council, staff, most in the audience.  The mayor chews up about 5 minutes of the clock repeating himself very other phrase. Vida is back and the public forum is about the only place where people might mention a thing or two about others and not themselves.  Beyond that, self-centeredness abounds.

Department heads tired and mostly unaware of the too-routine process yet to their credit they never fail to wake up when the agenda item up next involves them, their job and position. A few words here and there, a half-sensical explanation at best and their over-sized paycheck is safe for now.  No passion remains for something they might have once approached with at least a semblence of idealism and creativity.

On the way to the meeting, I pass some of the lowest performing schools in the state. Most of them brand new, millions of dollars invested in brick and mortar but the yield is barely measurable. Making my way downtown on Santa Maria, several abandoned places that used to house businesses dot the route. I can still hear the mayor from earlier on TV speaking about how low our unemployment is and about how good Laredo is doing. Bizzare?

 Yes, of course, bizzare. Thinking  "why even bother to write any of this": exactly.

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