Thursday, June 14, 2012

Waterless Fracking in Floresville, Texas

A Canadian company brings a water-free fracking process drought-stricken Texas. While most other frackers use upwards of 5 Million gallons of precious H2O for each well that is "fracked", GasFrac has developed a high-tech gel that replaces water as the fracturing element.

That being said, GasFrac should make its way down to Webb county and show the current operatos how to be more responsible with our scarce water resources.

Being that the process is so new, some, like the Texas Sierra Club's Dewayne Quertermos remain wary of the innovation, telling Austin's KUT News  "It’s so new. We don’t really know that much about itSo we don’t really know if there’s going to be some problem with it that won’t come to light for two or three years.”


A Canadian company that uses a new, waterless process in fracking operations plans to build an operations center in Floresville that will serve clients drilling in the Eagle Ford Shale, a company official said Friday.

Canada-based Gasfrac Energy Services Inc. already has begun hiring the 100 workers that it will need, marketing director Kyle Ward said.

Experts say about 5 million gallons of water is needed to hydraulically fracture a well in the Eagle Ford Shale, a rapidly developing oil and gas play in South Texas. Water used in hydraulic fracturing has raised concerns the region's water supplies could be threatened.

Gasfrac's Ward said the company's technology uses a propane gel to fracture rock instead of the usual mix of water, sand and chemicals.

“We are the only 100 percent waterless (well) stimulation process in the world. The beauty of the gel is that it becomes gas again as it returns to the surface. Because it is vaporized, there's no disposal or cleanup. It's a clean hole. All we leave is sand.”

The gel was developed by Chevron Corp., which patented it, while Gasfrac has patents on the process, Ward said.

“We spent two years looking at how to gel it and pump it.”

Gasfrac has landed a two-year contract with San Antonio-based BlackBrush Oil & Gas LP to provide fracturing services for the exploration company's wells in the Carrizo Springs area.
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