Thursday, June 21, 2012

Carreton repair shop to relocate to Laredo ?

Carreton photo appears courtesy of Bordertown Blues blog

Laredo has long been renowned for its stray dogs, dumped used tires and , of course, abandoned carretones from the various Laredo area supermarkets and shopping centers.  Truth be told, oft times, these useful transporters of goods are mostly intact save for their wheels. 

Due to a structural design problem, a carreton's wheels come nowhere near in durability in comparison to its body/chassis. Taking this fact into consideration, there is a very good likelihood that carretones all over the barrios will soon be resurrected and once again become a valulable commodity.

LaredoTejas business desk has some inside information indicating that Caring for Carretones, a company dedicated to restoring old shopping carts to their glory days, mostly by refitting them with hi-tech, long-endurance wheels, will soon be opening a location in the Gateway City.

Caring for Carretones is expected to add at least two jobs to the Laredo workforce, with the possibility of adding perhaps up to three more during its first year in operation.  Taxpayers should not worry, there is not word of any tax abatements or incentive packages being offered as of yet to CFC.  

According to reliable sources, CFC is looking at opening its first Laredo branch somewhere in carreton-rich West Laredo, probably near the barrios of Los Amores, El Trece or La Ladrillera.

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