Monday, June 11, 2012

Fairway on the fairway at Casa Blanca?

Another Fairway Suites somewhere else

Agenda item number 8 on tomorrow's Webb county commissioner's agenda concerns plans for a possible Fairway Suite hotel on the grounds of Casa Blanca golfcourse. Tune in tomorrow at 8:30 am to your public access channel to see what shenanigans the commissioners' court is up to now.

Agenda Item no. 8

Status report by County staff and outside counsel regarding a proposed lease

agreement with Fairway Suites for the construction of a hotel to be located at the Casa

Blanca Golf course; with discussion and possible action to approve said agreement

between Webb County and Fairway Suites; and any other matters incident thereto.


  1. Another hotel near the airport. Who would thunk it? The county needs to remain competitive, I guess, to go up against the city's new gold course.

  2. In watching the commissioner's meeting right now, the agenda item came up and the court made a motion to take it to executive session. That figures, how are we suppose to find out all the shenanigans these bozos are up to. As if we didn't know.

  3. The golf course is small enough. Why not crowd another hotel into the flight path of the airport. What could possibly go wrong?

  4. It can' be any worse than those 18 wheelers stopping traffic right on loop 20 as they back out into the "highway". Last time there was a lady flagging traffic:she must have been the trucker's wife. Laredo, we're like nowhere else!