Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mocatelas! : Martin High School at bottom of STAAR scores

La Martin la rego en el STAAR

My, own Alma Mater, Raymond and Tirza Martin High School is at the very bottom of the ladder in regards to the just-released STAAR test scores.

 Ol' Tim Gutierrez announced a few minutes ago that in English 1,Writing,  the home of Tiger Legends scored an appalling 16 per cent passing rate.  The news was not much better in English 1, Reading.  On this test, the mighty Tiger freshmen scored an abysmal 27 percent passing rate.  It sounds like someone has a lot of work cut out for them; Administrators, teachers, parents and students.

I can't say that I'm very surprised. English is spoken very little at today's MHS.  From the time you walk in, the security guards, office personnel, students and even teachers carry a great deal of their conversations in Spanish.


  1. I wonder how I would've fared on this kind of test.

    Christen and Martin did the worst on LISD's side, but as a whole, all Laredo schools didn't even reach the state average. We're not big readers and writers, I suppose.

  2. ¿Que? ¿Puedes por favor traducir esto en Inglés?

  3. LaredoTejas Translating Service says:

    Yo wondereo como hubiera fariado en esta clase de test.

    El Cristen y La Martin hicieron peor en el lado del LISD, pero como un pozo, todas Laredo escuelas ni alcanzaron el avrejado del estado. No semos (yes, semos) leyedores grandes ni escribetores yo soposo.

    * LT Translator might occasionally have an error or two

  4. +1 for effort!

    Once a Tiger, Always a . . . Oh, who am I kidding.

  5. Wow how do you guys fuck that up?! The passing score set by staars was a paltry 27%-36%. Nambre Laredo!


  6. Martin shouldn't be at fault. The middle & elementary schools that lack the foundation should be examined more closely

  7. La leyendecker y la Mcdonald y La Bruni.