Sunday, June 24, 2012

Laredo does not own Unitrade, Schuster does

"Now, let me make this perfectly clear, this is MY field and you do what I say"

It's now amazingly clear that Laredo taxpayers have spend roughly 23 Million dollars on the so-called Unitrade baseball park only to virtually give it away to Lemur man, Mark Schuster.  Since the baseball park started to take shape, LaredoTejas has joined many other Laredoans in speaking out against the carpetbagger-style antics of the Ventura group.  Now, we know that they, more specifically Schuster, calls the shots himself; not any of the citizens of Laredo nor their elected "officials".

When the Laredo "Roses" of the fledgling Sugar and Spice women's football league tried to follow through with their scheduled (since April) game at Unitrade Park, Mark Schuster said No and it was No.  Neither the Mayor, seedy council nor staff could or would dare tell the head Lemur that this is our town and that he does not have the final say-so in who gets to use the park or when.

Of course, our city leaders were nowhere to be found and the Laredo Roses had to make their debut at Father McNaboe field where the game was called short due to darkness.  In the meantime, all Laredoans continue to pay 8.25 cents sales tax with the .25 continuing to go for paying for Schuster's baseball park. 

There is no need to call Ventura Group a bunch of thieves because that implies that they had to forceully take Unitrade. The truth is that it was all wrapped up and presented to them, all 23Million dollars worth,  on a silver platter by our Mayor and council - compliments of the Laredo taxpayers.

Now, Mr. Schuster, if you'll excuse us hometown people, we have to go water Father McNaboe field and see if we can use it while you consider  whether you're ever going to allow us the use our own field ever again.


  1. A lawsuit is needed against the Lemurs and the city so one can have 'standing' against them. Then you can really expose them for who they are.

    Many people warned you about this for months. It's only going to get worse.

  2. Sad that you even have to file a lawsuit to use a taxpayer paid facility.

    Send letters to the Texas Attorney General to investigate the city council and Ventura Sports.

    Administration & Legal

    By U.S. Mail:

    Office of the Attorney General
    PO Box 12548
    Austin, TX 78711-2548

    By Email:

    For Public Information & Assistance, email your questions and comments to:

    Write to Attorney General Greg Abbott:

    By telephone:
    Main agency switchboard
    Public Information & Assistance
    Consumer Protection Hotline
    Open Records Hotline
    Press Office (512) 463-2100
    (800) 252-8011 or (512) 475-4413 (in Austin)
    (800) 621-0508
    (512) 478-6736 (478-OPEN)
    (512) 463-2050

    By FAX: (512) 475-2994

    Do something. Stop being afraid. Write letters to the Attorney General, even if it's in spanish. They will respond to you. The more letters, the more they will actively investigate.

  3. I would favor a boycott of Uni-Trade Stadium and Lemur baseball games. Boycott anything supported my Manitas de Estomago (City Council).

  4. Too bad that it was the city who canceled this event, not Ventura Sports group.

    Ps the city has also cancelled the July 4th fireworks show that was going to be put on at the ballpark. I kind of wonder if this was done to eliminate competition with the cities fireworks show at the Civic Center?

  5. So now Shuster has packed his bags and is leaving town, right on cue. Is the city going to open the bidding process for the new stadium operators -or- is this still a Carlos Villarreal, Chuy Olivares toy and they get to do what they want?