Saturday, June 30, 2012

Midwest recording all-time highs in many states

The Christian Science Monitor is reporting on the heat wave that continues to grip the Mid-West. Some record high temperatures for this week (June 25-30), 2012 include:

McCook Nebraska                     109 degrees

Hill City, Kansas                       115 degrees

St.Louis, Mo.                             108 degrees

Atlanta, Ga.                                106 degrees

Washington, D.C.                      103 degrees

Cincinnatti, Oh.                         103 degrees

Nashville, Tn.                            104 degrees

Chicago, Ill.                               100 degrees

Unfortunately the heat can turn deadly and is being blamed for at least a couple of deaths in the Kansas City, Mo. area (105).  In many cities and towns across the affected areas, police and fire fighters have been checking in on the sick and the elderly.  The general public is also being asked to keep an eye on their friends and neighbors.

A city in the Midwest having the nation's high temperature for five days in a row is very unusual, said Chris Foltz, a weather service meteorologist in Goodland, Kansas.


  1. I am on the road and here are some gas prices I saw while driving to Kansas:

    These are highway station prices and would be th highest in each city.

    San Antonio, $3.17-$3.20
    Waco, $3.30
    Denton, $3.18
    Oklahoma turnpike, 3.07
    Bartlesville, Ok. Home of Phillips petroleum, $2.96
    Independence, Ks. $3.337

  2. Hey Tom, it's good to know that at least Laredo does eat some other towns' lunch in regards to gas prices. Have a safe trip and stay out of the heat.