Thursday, May 31, 2012

Social engineering against obesity epidemic in NYC

If you are a connisseur of Big Gulps, you might want to save the cups you've already bought. If a proposal by NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg catches on, you might not be able to buy them in the future. As we speak, all Laredo Stripes stores have their 32 oz drinks at 99 cents. McDonalds has had their drinks (all sizes) at $1.00 for a long time.

Nutritionists agree that the sizes of today's sugary beverages are unequalled in American History. I still remember the 5 1/2 oz. "regular" sized cokes in a glass bottle. The "King" size coca cola bottle was 12 ounces and the "Family" size bottle contained all of 22 ounces. Nowadays, you can get a 44 ounce Mega-Gulp or even the 64 ounce Turbo-Chug at virtually all convenience stores.

Perhaps Mayor Salinas will follow suit and order all "mariachis" in Laredo to be sold only in a smaller, "taquito" size.

From Fox News Latino

In a national first, New York City plans to ban the sale of large sugary drinks.
The ban, which aims to fight obesity, would impose a 16-ounce limit on the size of sweetened drinks sold at restaurants, movie theaters, sports venues and street carts. It would apply to bottled drinks as well as fountain sodas.

The ban could take effect as soon as next March, and would not apply to diet sodas, fruit juices, dairy-based drinks or alcoholic beverages. Nor would it include drinks sold in grocery or convenience stores. Food establishments that don't downsize would face fines of $200.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Wednesday that he "thinks it's what the public wants the mayor to do."

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  1. Somebody commented on Mayor Bloomberg's proposal as being 'insulting to New Yorkers,' as in they don't know any better to make health-related decisions for themselves. I agree.

    I wouldn't mind if he just came out and spoke against bigger cup sizes, but to ban larger containers is going a bit too far.

  2. What about minors buying 64 oz turbo-chugs. Maybe those kids are not yet mature enough to make such decisions but what do you do- Sell only to those older than 18 or 21? It'd be like cigarettes.

    Kid: Just the flaming hots and the Turbo-chug.
    Clerk: Is your mom or dad with you? If not, do you have an ID? You got to be over 18 you know.
    Kid: to buy flaming hots??


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