Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lemurs: Chaos by any other name is still Chaos

At this point, it appears that the only success the taxpayer-funded $18 Million Unitrade baseball stadium will experience is that it will serve to expand Laredoan's vocabulary. Namely, during this upcoming week, we might very well learn to use all sorts of synonyms for the word "chaos". 

Let's take a look at a few of these and see if any of these apply to the unravelling situation at Lemur central.

Anarchy- Check
Bedlam -  Check
Clutter  -  Check
Disarray - Check
Discord,    Disorganization, Failure  Free-for-all,  Holy Mess,  Mix-up, Pandemonium, Tumult, Turmoil and etcetera.

For our Spanish readers

Confusion, Desorden,  Desmadre, Desastre, Lio, Fallo, Fiasco, Relaje, Verguenza

Ready or Not

Head carpetbagger Lemur Mark Schuster insists that the stadium will be "ready" for Thursday's opening night.  However, his definition of what "ready" is really a mystery. 

From LMT's article this morning, it's starting to look like the Lemur's and the City of Laredo's definition of having the stadium "ready" might include:

*Forcing a permit of occupation for an unfinished, unsafe baseball park

*Jeopardizing the safety of Laredo's citizens

*Having event attendees park dirt, caliche or grass- to which  this Schuster commented : “I don’t believe the back parking lot will be fully paved, but from a  fan standpoint, the fans will have a great experience".                    

*Handle the situation of an unfinished pressbox by "just moving those folks down and set up a table behind home plate in the mezanine area", as the city's Erasmo Villarreal suggested.

Hurry up and Wait!

It probably won't be any consolation that the stadium's builders, Leyendecker Construction is treading into uncharted waters with Unitrade stadium. The Laredo Morning Times had this to say:

“We’re on a very accelerated schedule here,” Leyendecker said.

“A project like this generally takes 14 months to build, and we’re trying to build it in eight to 10 months.

We’ve never built a project this quick in our 30-year existence.”

When the stadium’s architects, HKS Inc., and Leyendecker Construction provided this estimate to the City of Laredo, city representatives responded that such a schedule was unacceptable.
If the city is responsible, they will call off the whole May 17th deadline and just admit they messed up again and mossey on down to Veteran's Field

Anybody remember Veteran's Field? That's where a team called the Laredo Broncos started their drive for a new park. Little did they know that their efforts were subsequently to be hijacked and turned into what has apparently now become the city's latest disaster.



  2. Great article, well written.

    This is what corruption and greed brings. What they did to the Broncos organization was a travesty and this is sheer karma.

    This is Laredo Apaches Part 2. The stadium is not safe. I would never take my kids there, imagine a nail somewhere, some part falling down due to the massive amount of weight that 1,000 people will put on the stadium?

    I will not support or give my money to a corrupt organization like the Lemurs and the city manager and his puppets.

  3. Touché! The City Mis-Manager....More wasteful spending.... City Council? Council? Not an independent thinker in the bunch. Son puros rateros.

  4. Maybe they need to go back and work on business degrees? Seems like anything they touch turns to, well uh, sh!t.

    Exhibit A: Kiss Central American business goodbye, thanks to the Panama Canal(a history degree is in order as well).

  5. Et tu Rosse: con razon les dicen "manitas de estomago" cause everything turns to sh**... you get the idea.