Friday, May 11, 2012

For $90,000, Fracking Industry buys study

So much for objective news in South Texas.  Over the last few days, I've heard and read about how the Eagle Ford Shale is far exceeding all economic expectations.  One of the talking points I've heard repeated is that, in one year (2011), the EFS has surpassed the economic effect it was expected to take a decade to realize.

All of this according to a study which the American Natural Gas Association (ANGA) paid UTSA $90,000 to put together.  In consideration of this fact, should we have expected anything else? Also, why should anybody trust a study that offers such dramatically different number from a previous study (done just over a year ago) from the exact same institution. In other words, UTSA last study proved to be way, way off so perhaps this one will be too.

Whereas UTSA's last study projected a $21.5 billion output from the EFS by 2020, the new and improved study shows that EFS's economic output was $25 billion in just 2011!  Talk about a margin of error!

Nice try ANGA: I guess running those ridiculously misleading (lying) commericals all over TV isn't good enough.


Nice touch of safely putting the kids to bed while their world is being poisoned

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