Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Geraldo Rivera condemns FOX's over-use of "illegal alien" term

Usual Fox News depiction of "Illegal Aliens"

Mr. mustache himself, Geraldo Rivera, recently decided to bite the hand that feeds him. Rivera, in a column appearing on the Fox News Latino website, lambasted Fox New's long-running fear mongering style of reporting on the "illegal alien" problem.

Excerpted from Fox News Latino

The typical report consists of a TV anchor or radio talk host lamenting either how our nation is being drowned by the brown tsunami from south-of-the-border, how they are sucking the nation’s life blood or how one of the invading Latino hordes committed a crime, which is far more egregious than if a citizen committed the same crime, “because they had no right to be here!”

Further, no branding has proven more effective than the combination of two powerful pejoratives, illegal and alien.

Like the words ‘Jew’ or ‘slob’ or ‘slut’, the phrase ‘illegal alien’ has the elegance of being harsh, but defensible, if accurate. Although it can be used as a cutting reference, it can still be uttered in polite company without fear of raising many eyebrows, especially among those who feel similarly negative about the individual being described.

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