Monday, May 21, 2012

More city council: Trash pick-up parity

I have to admit that I had wondered about this particular issue : it's a rare occassion when I tend to agree with the city (seedy) council.  At tonight's meeting, councilman Mike Garza proposed that a switch be made in the garbage pick-up days for North vs South Laredo.

From what I gleaned, the North has been enjoying more pick-up days than their South Laredo counterparts for quite a while.  This is because of the fact that they (North) has been having Tuesdays and Fridays as their service days.  In the meantime, the South has been having Mondays and Thursdays. The bad news for the South is that, most of the time, there has been no garbage pickup on Mondays either falling on, or immediately following, a holiday.

Now, there will be a switch and it will be the North that will go to Mondays and Thursdays. Mark this as a victory for the South, which will now go to Tuesdays and Thursdays. For a change, it will be the North that will have their trash piling up around most city of Laredo holidays.

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