Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Culture: Bola de Borrachines!

This morning, KTSA radio, 5500 on your AM radio dial, reported the DUI numbers from the Alamo City's NIOSA (Night In Old San Antonio) week long Fiesta. According to law enforcement records, there were a total of 373 DUI arrests made in San Antonio during Fiesta Week. This number included 59 second time offenders and 37 drunk drivers who were being arrested for at least the 3rd time.

Laredo certainly should keep this in mind as the recent tendency has been for local event organizers to rely increasingly on booze to draw in their crowds. Already, the "There's always something to drink do in Laredo" calendar includes : Noche de Agave-Tequila Tasting, JamBOOZie, assorted Wine-Tasting galas, as well as the ever rowdy Jalapeno Festival.

Also, this past year, Taste of Los Dos Laredos added Alcohol to their all-you can  eat-drink menu. Add to the mix, Laredo's first "Beer Fest" and you'll see why the Gateway City is consuming alcohol like the Fracking industry consumes our precious water. 

Incidentally, there's a second Beer Fest being scheduled for sometime in October. Se va y se correr con........El Borracho!

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