Monday, May 21, 2012

Recognitions out of hand at City: Rangel suggests separate meeting

From The seedy council meeting at 7:00 PM

It's already 7pm and a city council meeting that started 90 minutes ago (at 5:30), is still in the recognition, back-slapping, picture-taking part. Just about every meeting starts like this and takes a long, long time.  One of the council members extended the melee a few minutes more when he called out a parent in the audience and reminded her that "she had said she wanted to thank the mayor personally".  Naturally, the parent took to the mic and lavish profuse praise on the only-too-willing mayor.

One positive sign, council member Esteban Rangel is suggesting that the city holds a separate monthly meeting for recognitons only. We'll see how this turns out.  I wonder if the cameras would be still on such a meeting. I'm sure the mayor would insist on having his mug televised as always.

Not surprisingly, the recognitions dragged on for so long that as soon as they were concluded, the Mayor immediately called for a recess. I wonder what exquisite feast they're sinking their teeth into compliments of the taxpayers of the Gateway City.

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