Monday, May 21, 2012

9:30pm - Something's afoot in replacing Police Chief

Seedy council starts process of replacing retiring chief Maldonado

According to the Mayor, the New Laredo Police Chief should be :

Someone who knows Laredo
Someone who understands our city
Someone who can build working relationships with the Sheriff Department etc.
Seen in the community
Comfortable with the people of Laredo
An "expert" in law enforcement
The best for the people of Laredo

Council man Rangel suggested that perhaps the requirement for a college degree should be waived in lieu of a certain number of years of experience.

The Mayor chimed in and agreed with Rangel. He even asked the City Manager to look into allowing a non-degreed applicant to take the Police Chief position. Councilman Garza added, "I think it's at the council's discretion". Shortly afterwards, council woman Liendo volunteered "I also agree with the idea that experience should count insead of a degree.   

I sense that  some movement is taking shape among the mayor and seedy council to install someone they already have in mind.

At the same time,  I wouldn't have been surprised if the mayor would have blurted out "OK, where do I apply"?  Think about it Laredo,  Chief of Police Salinas?


  1. Chinga . . . no chinges... More Salinas? Nnnnaaambreee

  2. They want to put in their own.

  3. If Salinas became chief of police, would he get a new ring?

  4. Nope. Salinas will run as Co. Judge. A little pull with the Chitty Cheriff. Just wait.......