Friday, May 11, 2012

Debate distractions: La vibora y el paper teleprompter

I didn't get to see the Pro8News debate for Webb county commissioner precinct 3. However, in looking at the video from KGNS's website, I couldn't help but immediately notice a couple of things.

Candidate Danny Valdez Jr. repeatedly kept using his right hand as an over-actve vibora. Just from the short clip I saw, he was averaging at least 50-60 "piquetes" a minute.

For his part, candidate Cortez probably could have used an electronic teleprompter instead of relying on one made out of paper (his notes). I thought the whole idea was to NOT look shifty eyed. I mean come on, do you really need notes to say " I love my father"?


  1. I mean come on, do you really need notes to say " I love my father"?

    Well, it depends . . .

  2. Cortez is a joke. OF COURSE he loves his father. But what we've learned out of this (and other debates) is that three of the candidates can discuss the issues with some basis in fact (Altgelt, Casso, Galo), two of them are believable (Altgelt, Galo) and one of them actually has done what he's said he was going to do (Galo). Lopez and Cortez look like possums in the headlights, and Casso was run out of town the last time we put him in office.

    This boils down to Galo and Altgelt. And LORD HELP us if we put another (expletive deleted) lawyer in the middle of our business!