Monday, May 28, 2012

HEB #186 on Saunders: No lunch for you!

Oops sorry sir, that's just my somach growling for food.

Sunday evenings are usually pretty packed at Laredo's HEB stores. This was certainly the case at store no. 186 on East Saunder in Laredo.  The "express" lanes were anywhere from about 8 to 10 people deep as the cashiers did their best to keep the lines moving smoothly. The other lanes were pretty stacked with customers and their full shopping carts.

As I got nearer to the checkout counter, I couldn't help but notice a conversation between both express lane cashiers. They looked pretty concerned but still managed to greet and thank each customer. Prety soon, I heard one of the cashiers say "ya nos quedamos sin ir a comer". The other one quickly replied "ni si quiera un break" she added  "ya se fue".  Apparently, who ever the manager on duty was had already left and as a result these two hard-working cashiers were going to have to forego any break or time for lunch they might have otherwise gotten.

This reflects pretty bad on the HEB management at that particular store. Whoever is calling the shots should at least make sure that the most basic needs of the employees are met. It is certainly not easy to do a good job if you're hungry.  Overall, HEB seems to be a good place to work at but incidents like these, playing out in front of the public, do not make the company look good.


  1. Going to HEB could be such a better experience if it wasn't for the check-out. There's always some conversation going on between employees, cash withdrawal by a manager, price check interruption, no courtesy clerk to bag the groceries, etc.

    I went to the downtown HEB yesterday just to avoid the crowds at the Guadalupe and San Dario locations.

    I used to work at the Saunders location a long time ago, and that one is not so bad, but it could improve a little.

  2. I agree on all those interruptions. Also, they all of a sudden close the express lane. The other morning they closed it at about 8:30AM. The guy behind me asked "why so early"? The girl just sort of smiled and pointed with her right thumb behind her, as to say "Take it up with management, they told me to close".