Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shuster says it's all about the kids! Really?

Mark Shuster keeps saying how the $18Million dollar Uni-Trade taxpayer-funded baseball park and the entire accompanying experience it offers, is all "for the kids"! 

So how come, as Bordertown Blues via De Laredo is reporting, does the team need to field a skimpily-outfitted, bare-midrifted dance team that goes by the name of the "Lady Lemurs"?

I guess Shuster is speaking out of both sides of his mouth again. Like when he says that everything "from a fan's standpoint" will be ready for tomorrow night's game.  Although, I'm not a fan of the Lemurs, I'm willing to bet that any fan that has to park and then hobble over a caliche parking would probably say that to him/her the park is NOT ready. 

Anyway, this is what, according to Shuster, is being provided strictly for the enjoyment of Laredo's kids.


  1. *Gasp* But, but, but what about the children?

  2. Shame on this carpetbagger Shuckster.

    What the fuck is this? Pami Chulo's?

    Shame on the city council, shame on the mayor. Shame on those girls, they look like prostitutes or strippers.

  3. Sponsored by Gateway Electric.

    Let them know how you feel using young girls to look like whores.

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    T2. 956.568.4453

  4. i originally didn't want to go to the game.... these cheerleaders have changed my mind. +1 !!!!

  5. You must be a "kid" according to Schuster.

  6. Ummm the Lady Lemurs ARE kids. Most of them haven't even graduated from High School yet.