Friday, May 25, 2012

Versatile word "rocks" the most overused list

This just in: Dwayne Wade rocks pink pants

That versatile word is, of course, "rocks".  Joining other annoying words and phrases of the past and present such as awesome, cool, kewl, like, you know, so, regardless, and stuff like that is the jack of all occasions, master or none : "rocks".

Typing in rocks in the Google search bar and selecting news comes up with the following ridiculous headlines and quotes.

Tenacious D rocks the Fox in Oakland

Dwayne Wade rocks some hot pink pants

Rhianna rocks a new look

Yoga rocks the park.....again

Pitbull rocks the Today Show Summer concert series

Nicole Kidman rocks backless goddess gown at Cannes

Kylie Minogue rocks the Hot pants

and of course,

Kristen Stewart rocks side boob at Cosmopolis Premiere

Forget the revolution of the information age. I think it's pretty safe to say that we are now well in the "too much information" age.

What's next?  Will the old standard LMT start to resort to similar headlines? If so, we might soon be opening up our papers (or e-edition) to :

Mayor rocks DC junket

City rocks budget shortfall

Webb officials re-rock scandal  

Dogs and cats rock new $700,000 shelter

Fans rock Lemurs (actually correct use)

TAMIU planetarium rocks Rockzilla

Rockem' Sockem' Robots rock toy memories

LaredoTejas over-rocks point



  1. LaredoTejas blog rocks the blogosphere!

  2. Maybe by now they call it the rockosphere?