Thursday, May 31, 2012

Laredo Politics: No service after the sale

Earlier this morning, I was driving past the intersection of Arkansas and Lyon. In the front yard of the house on the Northwest corner, there was an elderly gentleman, perhaps in his late 60s. He was trying to pull out some of those long metal stakes that politicos use to hold up their 4'x8x signs. As the light turned green, I notice he grabbed a shovel. Apparently, these stakes are not easy to pull out at all. They are usually hammered into place with an assortment of makeshift sledgehammers.

Specifically, it was a Becky Palomo sign that he was working on. I know this because more than once, it blocked my view of Arkansas coming off of Lyon.  The gentleman had already pulled down the sign itself but that was the easy part. The other two signs - still up- are Rick Flores signs. I guess his race is not until November.

I'm thinking that the homeowner probably gave his consent to the Palomo and Flores camps to put up those signs. It's just a shame that they are not nearly as ready to follow up with the removal and cleanup of those same properties.  I certainly hope the older gentleman did not exert himself too much or maybe strain his back.

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