Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Webb County Civil Service Commission rejects micro-managing attempt by county commissioners

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We no need no stinking Civil Service!!
Your friendly Laredo Morning Times (aka El Empty) is reporting this morning on an apparent attempt by Webb county commissioners to interfere with the county's Civil Service Commission.  Here's some of the proposed changes that did not sit well with the commissioner's court:

) New language barring department heads from tailoring job descriptions to particular people.

2)Preventing human resources from forwarding disqualified applications to departments.

3) Additional revisions clarified the timeline and process for filing a grievance in response to a termination or disciplinary action.

The Civil Service Commission came up with these revisions late last year after holding a workshop for employees to discusss their concerns with the way prior grievances have been conducted. 

I have to say that these revisions seem to have been carefully thought out. They would have the cumulative effect of decreasing the chances of favortism by standardizing qualifications and letting only those who meet those standard requirements proceed through the application process.

Still, Jaime Canales and Wawi Tijerina's office have indicated that they are unhappy with these changes. Canales claims to want more transparency while Andy Arellano (Wawi's spokesperson) says that the Civil Service Commission is over-reaching its jurisdiction.

Instead, county commissioners voted Monday to put together a group of "elected officials and department heads" to go over the proposed changes and provided feedback? 

It sounds like they simply want to keep their hands in the hiring process so that they can continue to repay political favors. All in all, good job Civil Service in rejecting this particular attempt at extending cronyism in our county government.


  1. Man, how can you stomach writing "Wawi" Tijerina on your blog? It's like feeding the beast (no pun intended).

    When referring to this politico, I always write "Rosaura Tijerina." I just can't take the cheesy nickname.

    *continues to wave cane in air

  2. Instead of including "Wawi," she should write Rosaura "Young At Heart" Tijerina instead. I'm going to request to the county clerk to stop including Tijerina's nickname when taking roll.

    Down with cronyism.


  3. My carpal tunnel acts up so _ _ _ _ is easier to type. Ouch.