Friday, February 3, 2012

Laredo Education: Last year's news revisited

When I saw this story airing on Pro8News a couple of nights ago, I thought it was a mistake. I figured they were running an old story by mistake. I mean afterall, the Texas legislature is not even in session so how can they be any new news on the education budget issue.

Well, sure enough, I guess TSTA representative Mr. Rene De La Vina figured it was time to drum up some news coverage for an apparent upcoming Austin rally.  No one wants to see anybody in the education field loose their job(s) but the least Pro8News could have done is prefaced this news story with the disclaimer that it's not really news.


  1. I'll tell you what happened: The TSTA folks in LISD saw the cluster***k that the Gran Poobah and the AD created by clamoring to go to a 4A district. They got it, but now have to travel all the way to Corpus twice a week (VB, FB, BB, and Baseball). So the already cash strapped district will have to make cuts somewhere right?

  2. AHA! Cuidado con la hacha!

    Elementary My dear Watson!


  3. I have a suggestion for all teachers. Instead of complaining to the legislature about the economy and you wages, put some effort into making public ways to cut spending at the school districts, including but not limited to: consolidation of services, reporting in-efficient practices, reporting poor or non-performing employees (all levels), reporting paperwork burdens that mean nothing, and anyother places the taxpayers can save.

    The taxpayers are tapped out. Begging will no longer work. Help us find ways to make LISD and UISD more efficient.

  4. What about complaining about district officials who want an out of town district when that is not really needed besides plain pride? Budgets budgets budgets

  5. BT, I agree, it seems sports is more important than anything else at the local districts. Consolidation would have fixed the school sports redistricting issues.

    Consolidation would fix a lot of things, but the local leaders WON'T see that.