Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Was Sara simply mis-quoted??

Sorry if you mis-heard what I said

A couple of days after the Sara Hates Laredo melee, some are saying (to borrow a phrase from Fox News) that perhaps the out-of-town hater of the Gateway City might have simply been misquoted.

During her racist-fueled rant, Colorado transplant Sara Walls tore into Laredo and its citizens for a wide array of perceived faults. Now, reports are surfacing that are contesting the true intent of some of her more vile comments.

"Misquote" no.1

What we heard " Laredo Sucks!"
What she said?  " Laredo is Success"

While on the surface, Sara appears to lambast our humble hometown, linguists are claiming that if you utter the phrase "Laredo is Success" quickly in a whiny, garbled voice such as Ms. Walls', it is possible to end up with something sounding very much like "Laredo sucks!".
"Misquote" no. 2

What we heard "All Mexican men in Laredo are Disgusting!
What she said?"  "All Mexican men in Laredo are Just Gushing "(with good looks?)

Say the above phrases fast enough and it's very easy to see how one can sound a lot like the other. The is same is true for the following example.
"Misquote" no. 3

What we heard:  "Laredo's is all ghetto"
What she said?": "Laredo's is all good-t-go"

Once again, say it fast enough and it's hard to tell the two phrases apart: Laredo's all good to go......Laredo's all gd-t-go........Laredo's all g-t-o (ghetto?).  Very interesting indeed.

Finally, Sara reportedly inadvertently transposed a couple of key words as she closed out her video-rant which resulted in :
"Misquote" no.4

Thank you Laredo for giving good Mexicans a bad name,  when in reality, she certainly meant to say

Thank you Laredo for giving bad Mexicans a good name

It's unbelievable how garbled enunciation, bad grammar and a whiny voice can lead to so much misunderstanding.  Thanks to the LaredoTejas linguist department for their assistance with this post


  1. I'm not white but I'm not a Tonk either and yes Laredo sucks ass through a straw.

  2. Is that your way of saying Laredo's got awesome lungs?

  3. Laredo sucks, the people hear are stupid. This is America not Mexico. If they send all the illegals back, we're looking at only 50,000 people here, and by the way Laredo is. It a city by any means, it's a small town.