Monday, February 13, 2012

Shenanigans resurface at Webb County

"I think I'm gonna rotate you guys- just because I can"

Seating next to each other at the Webb County commissioner's meetings twice a month has definitely made an impact. Last year, it was Wawi Tijerina who rejected the county atttorney's advice and decided to disrupt the lives of some of the county's community centers employees. At her orders, several  of them had to suddenly report to different work locations even if it meant commuting hundreds of miles over the course of a work week. Naturally, the affected employees filed complaints against Tijerina. The only thing the saved the county from a possible array of legal problems was that the employees failed to filed within the alloted 10-day period. 

This year, not having learned a lick from Wawi's misquided retaliation (which was the employees claimed), It's Frank Sciaraffa's turn to give the county attorney a new round of headaches.

From The Laredo Morning Times

Webb County commissioners voted in their first regular meeting last year to rotate all employees in precinct two community centers at the request of Commissioner Rosaura “Wawi” Tijerina.

Although the county attorney’s office advised against the decision and it eventually led to a civil service complaint, Commissioner Frank Sciaraffa will call for a rotation of all Precinct One community center employees at today’s commissioners court meeting.

Sciaraffa, in an interview, said his motive for the rotations was the same as Tijerina’s — to improve customer service at the centers by exposing the employees to operations throughout the south Webb County precinct.

“It’s very important that my staff know the different areas (of the precinct),” Sciaraffa said.

The rotation will not change the duties, pay or authority of the employees, he said.

Sciaraffa said he did not speak to the county attorney’s office before making the decision.

“I’ve made the decision on my own,” he said.

Sciaraffa said the rotations would be discussed in executive session but that he did not expect any legal obstacles.

Cavazos Ramirez, however, said she would advise the court again that the rotations are not allowable.

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