Monday, February 13, 2012

Laredo may soon have dry cleaners for Mascot costumes

Take a bite out of stubborn stains at Annoy Anew!

The LaredoTejas business desk has received unconfirmed reports that some enterprising Gateway city residents may soon be opening up the first-ever dry cleaning service exclusively for Mascot costumes. Preliminary reports indicate that the new venture is considering opening under the banner of "Annoy Anew", certainly a fitting name for those pesky mascots which have been multiplying faster than rabbits around our bordertown.

"Annoy Anew" will feature custom-made plastic bags to accomodate the unique dimensions of Laredo's mascot population. Whether it be the hastily conceived Andy The Aviator, the oversized melon of the ever-annoying Toby Globy or any other of the more amorphous mascots that virutally defy explanation, Annoy Anew will offer the best in personalized service.

No word yet if one-hour Martinizing will be immediately available. Also, as of press time, no consensus had been reached on what Annoy Anew's own annoying mascot will be.

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