Monday, February 13, 2012

Kentuckian who defended Laredo reportedly to be honored

From WKYT in Lexington, Ky.

Posting online videos, that's something Jack Strunk said he's never done, "No, not on YouTube."
That is until last week when he, like many other people, took to the web after a video called, "Sara Hates Laredo," went viral. In the video, "Sara" decided to mess with Texas by ranting against the border town and culture, and making comments some view as racist. "Sara's" video has since been removed from YouTube.
"She stirred up a firestorm, she really did," said Strunk.

Eight years ago, Strunk was living in Laredo and was severely injured in a drag strip accident, losing his legs and vision.

"The [drag racing] car flew out of control, hit me against a pickup," described Strunk, adding it, "almost cost me my life."

So if anyone should cringe at the mention of Laredo, you might expect it to be Strunk. Instead, this man with no legs made possibly the biggest stand by posting the response video.

However, he didn't expect what would happen after that, .
"What I said went viral on YouTube and I became this overnight hero," said Strunk.
"Hero," is a term that Strunk says he still struggles with. After all, he says he was just defending his wife's hometown, the same city his son was born, and where he lived for seven years.

Now the same town is possibly coming to him.

"They're supposed to fly into Bluegrass field and bring Mexican food [from Strunk's favorite Laredo place]," said Strunk, but that's not all, a group of delegates from Laredo are expected to bring Strunk a key to the city.

Strunk says the exact day is still being worked out, but he expects it to happen sometime this week.
Since Strunk's video, he says he's received many messages thanking him for his response, adding that he has also been flooded with facebook requests.

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