Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Misnomer: City of Laredo's lack of word power

I couldn't find a picture of the City of Laredo's recently-opened "annex" on loop 20 in South East Laredo. Still, as I was driving past the former Paul Young auto mall, I realized that no one must have given much thought to what they were going to call the new tax and water offices. So, someone who probably gets paid a lot of money  simply decided to call it an "annex".

Yet, according to the dictionary, the definition of annex is as follows:

1. A building added on to a larger one or an auxiliary building situated near a main one.
Laredo's  City Hall is miles away in downtown, so there is absolutely no chance that this new building would be situated anywhere close to the "main" edifice. That being said, the building on loop 20 is not really an annex afterall.

 Perhaps with all those hundreds of thousands of dollars that we taxpayers are paying those who make such decisions, someone should at least go out and buy themsevles a dictionary.

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