Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Environment: Recycled post

Laredo blogging colossal BTB had an interesting post featuring a mini Willie Bote this morning. Naturally, I had to study this bit of news a little bit further. Upon Googling "mini Willie Bote" (images), I was pleasantly surprised that the very first image displayed was by none other than yours truly.

Below, is a reposting of  my hastily composed rendition of what the trashcans around Laredo before the days of Willie looked like as I wondered whether the infamous Willie would even acknowledge his lowly cousin.

From LaredoTejas circa November, 2010

A marginalized Vato Bote knocks repeatedly outside Willie Bote's Mansion


  1. Love the drawing! Ahhhh, sometimes I miss those old tin botes...all banged up...all hard core...real trash troppers...sigh...

  2. I recall using those tin lids as shields when we would play Knights. They could take a pretty good beating too.