Friday, February 24, 2012

Old Cotulla Bar-b-que place called eyesore; developer to turn it into Maquinitas Joint?

At Monday's Laredo seedy council meeting. A local developer spoke out in favor of a proposed zoning ordinance change that would re-classify the current location of the Old Cotulla Pit Bar-b-Que place on McPhereson.

In his brief time at the podium, the developer called the old Cotulla place an eyesore and said that he planned to re-do the entire place much as the Danny's (a block South) did a few years back.  He added that this would create much-needed jobs for the local economy.

It was unusual, even by Laredo's standards, that not even a single question came from the city council as far as to what type of business was going to be creating these new jobs. This, coupled with the recent trend of other former restaurants (El Rancho, White Swan) being turned into maquinitas joints is what makes me think that the seedy council is only too willing to continue to enable questionable maquinitas operations to further contaminate Laredo. 

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