Thursday, February 2, 2012

Attention Keyrose: Get your hiking shoes and bike ready

In other city council news, another agenda item (#30) deals with contracting for the work to start on the Chacon Creek hike & bike trail.  Laredo's Most Imposing Blogger Keyrose recently posted about the subject and is bound to be more than ready to be among the first to test-drive the planned trail.

Agenda Item 30 from Monday's upcoming seedy council meeting:

Award of a professional services contract to Sherfey Engineering in the amount of $240,071.25 to provide consulting services for Chacon Creek Hike/Bike Trail, Phase-2 (TXDOT project no. CSJ: 0922-33-142) from Haynes (aka Hines)  Community Center to Texas State Highway 359.

The job includes, survey, design, construction and environmental work for approximate 7800 LF of ADA compliance Asphalt 2" TXDOT Type D trail system, retaining wall, handicap ramps, and railroad underpass. Funding is available in the Parks Capital Grant. This contract was approved by TXDOT on January 30, 2012.


  1. I've noticed some work being done to the trail near the Mami Chulas area. I'll try to go out this weekend to see what's going on.


  2. Pretty convenient that's its around the Mami Chula's area. Purely coincidental I'm sure. Not that there's anything wrong with it. After all, it is a very trafficable area.