Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cuellar siding with GOP on redistricting map, angers Texas Dems

From Texas

Many Texas Democrats, who for months have been locked in a brutal battle with Republicans over the once-in-a decade remap process, now say they have found an enemy among their own – and they are fuming.

“He’s a deplorable, dishonest person. He’s proven it time and time again in redistricting,” said Matt Angle, founder of the Lone Star Project, a group that supports and funds Democratic candidates in Texas. “I know it sounds over the top, but it’s true.”

“What bothers me is that he puts his own ambitions ahead of expanding the voting strength of Latino voters. He’s willing to cut the throats of other Latinos to get what he wants,” says Angle.

Particularly galling to Democrats is that Cuellar has a seat in the party’s Congressional Leadership structure. Last year, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi tapped the Texas Democrat to serve as vice chairman of the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee.

“It’s outrageous that a member with a seat at the leadership table is negotiating to give away Democratic seats in Texas redistricting,” said one House Democratic leadership aide. “The San Antonio court has been favorable to Democrats, and the federal court is positioned to rule in Democrats’ favor. It makes you wonder what Cuellar is getting out of it.”

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  1. We deserve so much better than this crooked joker. He would even sell his own soul to the highest bidder. What does this say about us Laredoans who keep electing such slime?

  2. Sad to say it doesn't make us Laredoans look competent when "they" keep re-electing this Bozo just because he sounds familiar to some.

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